Let us extract the key figures you need, and deliver them to you in a format you can work with

MyPharmaData provides highly reliable NHS figures for the whole UK, covering all prescribers and products. Our database contains over 5.8 billion prescription items exceeding £50 billion since 2010.

We Can Help You

  • Quantify market trends and competitive activity 

  • Optimise sales team placement

  • Evaluate new product adoption at practice & CCG level

  • Measure campaign effectiveness

Why get it from MyPharmaData?

  • Save time and effort sourcing and cleaning raw data files

  • Reliable data means the figures won’t change in a few months’ time. 

  • No more re-running your analysis.

  • Include your sales territories and product intelligence to speed up the process.

  • Low-risk “pay as you go” option or discount for annual subscriptions.

When you know exactly where every brand and product in your market is being prescribed, just think how your sales targeting can sharpen up:


Does your intelligence provide the full picture?

MyPharmaData includes complete competitor analysis so you can see as much detail as you need.

We pinpoint every pound of your community prescription sales precisely to the prescriber’s location so you’ll know what your clinical experts really choose.
Because when you know who your prescribers are, you can focus on tailoring your brand messaging, and tracking its impact.

Log in to MyPharmaData to see:

  • The name and location of every practice prescribing your product in UK

  • First-time prescribers list to quickly identify who you are converting

  • Detailed product breakdown revealing which presentation is most prescribed, by brand or generically

  • Specific company and brand insight so you can see who is gaining ground

  • A building monthly overview for a rolling picture of product take-up

MyPharmaData helps you:

  • Identify early adopters

  • Determine your key opinion leaders’ actual influence

  • Measure campaign effectiveness

  • Focus your sales team’s efforts

  • Leverage primary care growth opportunities

  • Evaluate the return on your promotional spend

  • Stay one step ahead of the competition

Our rapid bespoke reporting service can jump-start your use of primary care prescribing data

The NHS practice-level prescribing dataset contains a wealth of detail, but interrogating it to produce real information can take time.
Let us fast-track your analysis with one of our bespoke Query reports.

We can answer questions like:

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