MyPharmaData is the portal to accurate affordable sale intelligence for Pharma and medical devices companies.

Healthcare Sales Targeting

Target your sales resources more effectively. Accurate, accessible and affordable competitor intelligence is updated monthly in MyPharmaData.

NHS data made easy

All the data you need for your business analysis delivered how you need it by MyPharmaData

Measure and Track Your Brand's Update

If you’re launching a new product how you can see exactly who’s prescribing it using MyPharmaData

Why Us?

At MyPharmaData we live and breathe NHS data.  Our mission is to deliver it to you in the most rapid and accessible way possible.  We want to supply really useful data, so that you can get real business results.

When you choose us, you can forget the pain of trying to wrestle with big NHS data.  Or the pain of trying to match traditional providers’ samples of pharmacy data up to reality.  You can refocus your efforts on targeting actual prescribers, supported by the most rapid, accurate data available today.

  • Detailed: You get an exact picture of how you and your competitors are performing.
  • Specific: Sales pinpointed to each precise prescribing location, making targeting easier and bonusing fairer.
  • Comprehensive: Our database contains details of every product prescribed in the community in the UK.
  • Accurate: The figures cover all the actual prescriptions, so you know exactly what was written and subsequently charged to the NHS.

MyPharmaData includes:

  • Every primary care practice in UK

  • Intelligent groupings by Category, Type, Company and Brand

  • Territory mapping based on your sales structure or NHS geography

  • All competitor products within your market

  • Monthly updates within 6 weeks of sales period

MyPharmaData is easy to roll out:

  • Nothing to install or configure

  • A proven, intuitive interface to surf your data

  • Territory logins so everyone sees their own figures

  • Standard summary and detailed reports, including dashboard.

  • Export to excel with unlimited downloads

  • Free information like prescriber addresses and phone numbers, GP and nurse names, CCG clinical leads

  • Great training to maximise your users’ benefit from the subscription

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We use open data to enable improved decision making and to drive efficiency. Get in touch to find out how you can use NHS Prescribing data to improve services and reduce cost

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